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Monday, January 16, 2017

Revizto Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of the main Revizto Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl+O - Open project

Ctrl+Shift+O - Import project

Ctrl+R - Rooms

Ctrl+X - Section Cut

Ctrl+B - Objects

Ctrl+I - Issue Tracker

Ctrl+Shift+I - Create new issue

Ctrl+M - Ruler

Home or Ctrl+H - Home

Ctrl+T - Create Video Track

Ctrl+E - Sheets

Ctrl+W - Viewpoints

M – Opens the map

R – Toggles the Fly/Walk modes (if available)

F5 – Sets navigation mode to Like in Video Game

F6 – Sets navigation mode to Like in Revit

F7 - Sets navigation mode to Like in SketchUp

F8 – Sets navigation mode to Hybrid

F9 – Sets navigation mode to Navisworks Walk

Shift (while holding) – Increases speed in Like in Video Game navigation mode

Space - Jumps in the Walk mode

”+” – Increases the field of view

”-“ – Decreases the field of view

“0” (zero) – Restores a default field of view

You can also read about the different navigation modes at:

Which includes this information on 3dconnexion:

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