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Friday, February 17, 2017

How Can You Integrate Manufacturer Content with Your Company BIM Library?

I'm wondering if 2017 will be the year that BIM content management stopped being hard :) Maybe that's going a bit far, but the fact is that there are some great content management tools out in the market now. In fact, I have spent the last few months doing some detailed analysis and comparison of these.  But more on that later...

In the meantime, how do you go about integrating Manufacturer content into your Company BIM / Revit library? Its an interesting question because usually your company content may be high quality, audited, approved, and regularly updated. But the manufacturer content can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. With those thoughts in mind, the upcoming webinar about UNIFI Connect could prove to be quite helpful. Unifi are looking at ways to share manufacturer content through their already awesome platform.

You can register for the UNIFI Connect webinar here.

This all plays into a larger conversation about BPM. Think about the recent merge of the Autodesk Seek content over to BIMobject. It is one thing to collect a lot of manufacturer content, but quite another to ensure its quality and applicability to a given user. How are you going about solving this problem? Do you use BPM at all, or do you use generic in-house content?

Feel free to reply in the comments.

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  1. I have been using, and recommend to most people that "generic" in-house content is the way to go. the reason I use quotes is that along with the label generic these components are typically built to suite your needs and flexible enough to become very specific to accommodate your project needs.

    I think the idea of having content hosted on the cloud is good, but what value are you really getting out of it? For a company (typically) what is important is the bottom line, if the content doesn't make drawing/designing/engineering/rendering/visualizing faster, then it doesn't matter whether is was hosted on the cloud or given to you on a flashdrive.

    If building your own content is "too hard" then find someone who knows how, collaborate with them on what you need, and pay them well. This is your new pencil, if you don't sharpen it from time to time your drawings won't look very good.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Nicholas. You touch on a few distinct things: one of them is the benefits of cloud storage, and the other is becoming savvy enough to build your own BIM content. I definitely agree you should have family modelling (or similar) skills in house.

      But I also think that having a single, cloud-hosted source of truth for content is also very valuable.